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Пример мотивационного письма | motivation letter | для, поступающего на магистерскую программу технического университета в Европе


«I, John Smith, am a 23 year old Ethiopian Electrical Engineer who is interested in Science and Engineering and has a head for it. I am currently employed by a leading telecommunications company in Ethiopia. I graduated in July 2005 from Arba Minch University, Ethiopia with a first class honor degree in Electrical Engineering.»

«During my study, I was exposed to the basic principles of communication systems, which filled me with enthusiasm. Driven with the passion for communication system, I specialized myself in communication system for my final year courses as well as for my final pismoyear project, entitled ‘Accessing Database through Telephone line’.»

«Upon graduation, I joined Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC), the well known telecom service provider in Ethiopia, which gives me an opportunity to apply my knowledge in real life application. Now I am working as a Mobile Communication Project Engineer in BSS (Base Station Subsystem) and MSS (Mobile Switching Subsystem) of NOKIA, ZTE & ERICSSON mobile network.»

«And I am also the one who authorized to be user representative of my company for the different GSM (Global Solution for Mobile Communication) expansions project acceptance test with different foreign network vendors such as ZTE, NOKIA and ERICSSON. In my work, I am responsible for controlling and optimizing the mobile network to fulfill customers’ expectations. With my dedication, determination and outstanding problem solving skills, I deliver a high quality result in all areas of my work.»

«As a team player, I have been involved in various mobile projects and have performed well because of my adaptation skills. Since my country, Ethiopia, has not gone as such a great step in the mobile technology, it has been my dream to contribute for the development of this technology in the country. Incase if you don’t know, Ethiopia is now at take off in telecommunication technology lately.»

«The expansion of the mobile network across the country is the main sector that Ethiopian government is focusing on recently. As part of this project, the mobile service became operational in urban area which was limited in rural area before. This all projects are done by Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation where I am working now.»

«The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation, the one and only mobile service provider in the country, is by now implementing various mobile projects which are new to my country including Road Coverage Mobile Project and Implementation of 3rd generation GSM project in all over the country.»

«My company has signed a new agreement with ZTE, NOKIA and ERICSSON network vendors to accomplish these new projects successfully for the next 4 years. As a citizen and off course as per motivation and desire to study mobile communication, my study will contribute a lot in the implementation of these projects in my future carrier. Having been in mobile communication field for one year, I came to realize that my knowledge is still limited in many areas. In addition to this, the field is not given at a graduate level in my country in the way I expected.»

«Thus, I decided to pursue a Master of Science degree in Mobile Communications in your university to strengthen my knowledge and participate in the development of mobile technology in my country. I have read through the course descriptions which are offered and I believe that your top level program can benefit me in many areas.»

«Obtaining a quality of master of science from your university will not only strengthen my knowledge in the field to cope up with the fast advancement in the technology but will also help me to fulfil my dream to see all people in my country getting all mobile services that are currently available for all people in the developed countries but not in my country such as SMS, GPRS and others. And I am sure my dream comes true by obtaining a quality of master science from university.»

«I have a desire to do my post-master project on implementing EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution) that allow ETC (Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation), GSM Operator, to use existing GSM radio bands to offer IP based multimedia services and applications at maximum speed of 384kbps with a bit rate of 48kbps per timeslot and up to 69.2 kbps per timeslot in good radio condition.»

«With my strong academic background and relevant working experience, I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this program. I also believe that I can make significant contribution to this program. Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response. Yours sincerely, John Smith.»

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